Do I Really Need A Buyers Agent

Dated: 03/25/2017

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One of the things that a real estate agent runs into, especially with inexperienced and/or first time buyers, is the reluctance to engage a realtor/buyer's agent in their search. When I am visiting with someone about potentially assuming that role, the responses often vary. "I don't want to tie myself down", or "I just want to deal with one agent", or "I don't want to pay anyone for that role", etc. 

The reality is that the pros of developing and maintaining a relationship with a realtor serving as a buyer's agent far outweigh the cons. The buyer's agent can assist in every aspect of the home buying process, can help to protect the interests of their client, and can easily arrange to take a look at any available home in the MLS. Best of all, at McDougal Realtors, those buyer's agent services come without any cost to the buyer. The buyer's agent receives a fee, paid by the seller and split with the listing agent, when a contract on a home is successfully closed.

If you have questions, or would like to visit about any aspect of the home buying process, or specifically discuss the role of a buyer's agent, give me a call!

Joey Nichols, Realtor

McDougal Realtors

Licensed in Texas 


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