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With Spring just around the corner, many of us are contemplating the newness of green grass, flowers and budding trees.  We all look forward to the signs of Spring and there are many gifted gardeners out there busily planning their gardens to wow us all as the season progresses.  I don't know about you guys, but a gifted gardener I am not and I gladly pay those who have the time and the gift to make my garden come alive each year.  I do however like to think I have a green thumb.  Over the past few years I have dabbled in container gardens because they are a way I can personalize my surroundings  without having to go into too much additional expense .  I can leave the larger task of bedding and landscape to the experts and still enjoy smaller arrangements of flowers, herbs, cactus or whatever suits my fancy for the year surrounded in the confines of containers.   I have also found  nothing says "WELCOME COME ON IN " like an inviting container of bright geraniums or a bit of green especially when you are  looking  for inexpensive ways to improve the curb appeal  when you are selling you house.

I found an interesting and enjoyable article on container gardening the other day so I am including the hyperlink to it.  Perhaps you will enjoy it as well.  Please do feel free to send me any ideas you might have on Container Gardens or sprucing up patio areas to improve the curb appeal on your home.   Blog, text,  or call me if you are interested in putting your house on the market and would like ideas about marketing your house to sell in the Lubbock market.  

Post this link to your browser.   http://www.homes.com/blog/2017/02/plant-container-gardens/#.WKtw_Mtz32w.gmail.   

Hope you have a lovely week.  

Leslie Thoma, Associate Broker, ABR GRI SRS ASP

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