Mar 28 2017 Homes Listed In Multiple Listing Service That Have Features Rated By Third Party Rating

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I have been pondering the last week or so about how certain homes are listed in the Multiple Listing Service in this area.  Under home features there is a section for Energy features.  There are apparently two separate programs in Rappatoni, locally listed  with a section for features that homeowners can promote to advertise their home.  One is a  program which is one of the more popular Green Building Programs started by a non profit group called the  " U.S. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Program" (LEED)  that provides a set of guidelines to provide a third party rated home.   The other is the "Energy Star" program which is a  government  regulated program through the Environmental Protection Agency and is also rated by a third party  with a HERS score.  Both of these feature programs with Third Party rating systems were set up to ensure the credibility of the programs to provide a set of standards specific to each of these programs.  There are other programs as well but the above two are the noted programs in Rappatoni Multiple Listing Service which are the locally featured programs. 

 We live in an era that technology is becoming more and more advanced and there are a plethora of programs out there.  In the Lubbock area builders of new homes are becoming more adept at building homes that are better at conserving energy or building homes with better sustainable products.  Over the next few weeks I would like to blog about some of these features.  After reading about the LEEDs program and the Energy Star Program, I found that the main difference between these two programs is that the LEEDS program is focused more on building "GREEN"  homes or as I understand it homes that utilize  building products that are sustainable.  An example would be perhaps building a home with flooring with say porcelain or laminates that emulate wood which is a product that is more finite or in danger of scarcity.  They also promote energy efficiency as one of their goals but do not have a specific program that rates that specific category, however, I have been told by some that they thought that in order for a home to be LEED certified it would also need to be certified by the "Energy Star" program.  I have not verified this information and I have not found any LEED certified homes in the Lubbock area yet although there may be.   There is however one builder locally who is  "Energy Star" rated and his homes are tested and certified by a third party under the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Program   HERS rating score.   Those are the homes built by  Mike Thoma Construction.

An Energy Star Home is not so much a program that is monitored for its use of "GREEN" products but it is monitored for it's ability to be "Energy Efficient"  through a scoring program labled as a "HERS"  score which is  The lower the score the higher the home is at being energy efficient.   I don't know at this point how many homes in the Lubbock area are actually certified by the LEEDS program but if you look at the "Energy Star" program it does list builders in the State of Texas that are "Energy Star Certified builders whose homes are "Energy Star Certified" homes.  Currently in Lubbock there are only two that come up.  One is new Construction homes built by Mike Thoma Construction and the other is a business that builds a Manufactured home product that is not listed in the local Multiple Listing Service.   

I have attached a copy and pasted a link from the archives of the  National Energy Star program that denotes the difference between the two programs for more information and I will continue to search the area for any LEEDS certified homes in the area.   For now perhaps it would be informative to  paste the link below in your browser.

If you are interested in local Energy Star Program "HERS" rated homes, you can go to the Mike Thoma Construction website  There are currently four Mike Thoma Construction Homes  which are listed by McDougal Realtors. Check in the Avalanche Journal  Open House postings, on McDougal Realtors website or on the Mike Thoma Construction Homes website for Open Houses.  

This week there are Open Houses at three Mike Thoma Construction Homes.  #51 Tuscan Villa Circle,  #27 Tuscan Villa Circle and 6211 91st Street.  

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