The Beauty And Challenges Of February

Dated: 02/14/2017

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Ahhhh...Mid-February! The winter chill is lessening,  Valentine's wishes are abundant. The kids are trading cards, candy, and small gifts while the older folks are reminding their loved ones how much they mean to them in a variety of ways.

It is not only a transition time for the weather, it is also a transition time for folks in the education world as they await contract renewals, constantly check to see what new jobs might be appealing in other locations, and generally assess both their careers and their choice of homes. It can be a difficult time for many of the aspects of a potential job change, but the relocation portion can be made much more bearable, hopefully even enjoyable, with the assistance of a good realtor.

If a job change and the accompanying relocation are in the works for you or anyone you know, I'd love the opportunity to help. Give me a call, shoot me a text, or send me an email! Let me help make the process as smooth as possible!

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