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Inspections 101 How To Purchase With Power

It’s been said that buying a newer home has less risk because of all the new systems installed and the warranty you’ll have with the builder.

The truth is that new construction or older homes already lived in, if properly inspected by a licensed and experienced inspector, you could have equal opportunities for purchasing power. Follow these basic inspection systems and you’ll see why.

Here’s what you need to know about INSPECTIONS in Lubbock, TX. 

A home inspection covers six main areas:

  1. Structural Systems (foundations, grading & drainage, roof covering, roof structure & attic, interior & exterior walls, ceilings & floors, interior & exterior doors, windows, fireplace/chimney and porches/decks/carports).

  2. Electrical Systems  (service entrance & panels, branch circuits & their connected devices & fixtures).

  3. Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Systems (heater, A/C and ducts & vents).

  4. Plumbing System (water supply system & fixtures, drains, wastes, vents, hydro-therapy equipment and water heating equipment).

  5. Appliances (dishwasher, food waste disposer, range hood, range/oven/cooktop, microwave, trash compactor, bathroom exhaust fans or heaters, whole house vacuum systems, garage door openers, door bell & chimes and dryer vents).

  6. Optional Systems (lawn sprinklers, swimming pools, outbuildings, outdoor cooking equipment, gas lines)

Include a PEST inspection in your due diligence period of buying a home. You’ll find that Lubbock has many homes that experience an infestation of termites and other pests. Trust us… it’s worth it!

So, if your home is inspected properly then you’ll have the opportunity to see that the home you’re moving into has systems that work and if you see alarming defects, then you can pick a different house. Buy with power! Use a home inspector. Here’s who we recommend!

Use AREA WIDE INSPECTIONS for your home. After 11 years of home sales and thousands of homes sold, it’s clear to us that they are the best! 
(806) 441-0319
  – Visit their website at 

Area Wide Inspections has the combination of education and experience that you need!

  • 25+ years of construction industry experience

  • 15 years of inspection experience

  • TREC Licensed as a Professional Inspector (#7731)

  • ICC Certified in Residential Inspections

  • ICC Certified in Commercial Inspections

  • ICC Certified in Plans Examination

  • ICC Certified in Residential Plumbing Inspections

Find the FAQ for these 6 systems on Area Wide’s Website! 

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